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Deploy on the platform made for Next.js.


Deploy on the platform made for Next.js.

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Vercel, built by the same team that made Next.js, provides production-grade hosting for Next.js websites with zero configuration.

Tim Neutkens, Lead Maintainer of Next.js

Vercel is the easiest way to deploy a production-ready highly available Next.js website, with static assets being served through the CDN automatically and built-in support for Next.js’ automatic static optimization and API routes.

Everything works automatically.

Tim Neutkens, Lead Maintainer of Next.js

Based on our experience helping thousands of customers build successful websites, Vercel provides the easiest and fastest way of launching and iterating, along with automatic HTTPS and a global CDN.

Static and Dynamic, All in One

Vercel provides first-class support for static Next.js deployments and dynamic Next.js API routes together, served from our Edge Network. Optimize your website for speed and SEO without compromising on features.






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Automatic HTTPS and CDN

Every deployment created with Vercel is powered by our Edge Network and automatically secured with an auto-renewing SSL certificate. Your content is always delivered securely, and blazing fast — without any configuration.

Nick Stahlnecker

Fitt is available in 29 cities across 3 countries and 6 timezones. We needed our site to be as fast as possible across all of our cities. Using Vercel we were able to have our site perform fast everywhere, with no extra work on our end.

Nick StahlneckerHead of Engineering @ Fitt

Integrate Smoothly with Your Headless CMS

Vercel and Next.js seamlessly integrate with any Headless CMS you use to provide the ultimate developer experience.

Heightened Performance with Serverless Caching

Vercel offers the best of both worlds with the speed of static and utility of dynamic rendering, ensuring that every request is always served statically from cache and dynamic computations always take place in the background.

Serve your visitors with blazing fast performance while saving time and money.

Dan Scanlon

Deploying Next.js on Vercel is a dream. With Next.js 9, we can create API endpoints and custom routing behavior all in one package, without having to write a custom server, which has allowed us to dramatically simplify things and move even more quickly.

Dan ScanlonDirector of Engineering, Futurism

With full control of response caching, your website and APIs are delivered lightning-fast, from anywhere in the world. Learn more about our industry-defining Edge Network features.

From the Makers of Next.js

The mission of Vercel is to make the cloud a delightful experience for creators and users alike. With Next.js, we built the easiest way to be productive with React. With Vercel, we are providing the easiest way to deploy projects made with Next.js or any other web framework.

Tim Neutkens
JJ Kasper
Luis Alvarez
Joe Haddad
Guillermo Rauch

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